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Indonesia – Strategies for climate change adaptation


JAMTANI, based in Pangandaran regency (Java), is a local farmers‘ association with around 37,000 members committed to the development of organic agriculture, more responsibility for farmers for sustainable food and the promotion of rights and greater autonomy for farmers.

MPM, based in Toraja (South Sulawesi), is an NGO related to the Toraja Church and specialized on climate adaption and mitigation action, disaster risk reduction, sustainable development and peace building at community level.

Both organisations are important stakeholders of the learning and exchange forum on innovative approaches to addressing the challenges of climate change challenges in Indonesia. They aim to increase the adaptive capacity of smallholder farmers through adaptation co-research and enable a wider outreach of innovations in their area.


BanSenSuk is committed to supporting the development of new strategies so that farmers can continuously find new solutions to adapt to climate change. The Center for Rural Development (SLE) of the Humboldt University of Berlin, together with JAMTANI and MPM, has delevoped and published a handbook for field research with smallholders („Between heavy rain and sea level rise“) – with the participation of one of our members. This contains a framework for climate change adaptation in Indonesia, the concept of climate field laboratories and practical tools with instructions and examples. Since years the SLE also supports the implementation of continuous training courses, farmer exhibitions and exchange meetings, national and international seminars in cooperation with Bread for the World. BanSenSuk members were involved as technical advisors in 2022.

Due to the urgency of taking action to address climate change challenges, BanSenSuk plans to support further dissemination of tested innovations and materials, as well as training and exchange visits to other parts of the country.

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