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Laos – Eco-Cycle Green Schools


The Green Environment Conservation Team (GECT) introduces efficient organic farming and waste management methods in nearby primary and secondary schools. They provide practical environmental training and ongoing support in reducing, separating and recycling waste, setting up composting stations, setting up waste collection points, setting up school gardens, improving nutritional value and protecting forests and rivers.

Their overall goal is to establish Eco-Cycle Green Schools in Luang Prabang, which are considered examples of good practices in zero-waste, high-nutrition-value schools.

The environmental team began its activities in 2013 with a small group of students from the Northern Agriculture and Forest College in Luang Prabang. In 2023, the team initiated the “Green Team Luang Prabang” – a collaboration between educational institutions; private waste companies, waste collectors and recycling social entrepreneurs; state municipal natural resources and environmental service offices and local NGOs. With this network they want to implement their holistic approach and become a role model for other provinces in the country.


BanSenSuk is strongly committed to supporting the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly operations in schools. The use of plastic packaging and bottles as well as the burning of all types of garbage is still widespread in Laos and awareness of the impact of these practices on the environment is still very low. Due to the oversupply of sweets, fast food and soft drinks in schools, the nutritional situation of students is often very poor. Through nutrition education, the ban on unhealthy and plastic-packaged foods, a balanced food offer and good waste management, schools could be a good example of awareness change, with the hope of spreading the practices beyond school boundaries.

BanSenSuk e.V. has been supporting basic environmental education since GECT was founded. In addition to the establishment of composting sites, school gardens and waste separation areas, general waste reductions and operational structures were also agreed.

Due to the urgency of taking action to address the challenges of climate change and negative practices in waste management and nutrition, BanSenSuk attaches great importance to the approach of going beyond simple waste separation. We support the establishment of Eco-Cycle Green Schools to improve the nutritional situation by setting up organic school gardens and school canteens as well as promoting a zero-waste strategy through waste minimization and recycling approaches.

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